Cardboard Swing Tags White Cardboard (25 Pack)


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At Fabric8, we love our clients’ creativity. Our main aim is to give you a platform to create. Whether you are sewing, embroidering, quilting, crocheting, or knitting. Or if you are just creating your own artwork. These Cardboard Swing Tags White Cardboard (25 Pack) allows you to express your art in even greater depth. 

With no print on it, the design is totally in your hands! Now you can neatly write, paint, stamp, or engrave onto these tags, whatever you want on your labels. Swing tags are easily attached and are always a great addition to any craft peace.

Grab these Cardboard Swing Tags White Cardboard (25 Pack)! The definition of freedom in creativity. You can add any art, text, or animation onto these labels. Don’t want the rectangular shape? Cut this label into any shape you want and make it your very own!

They are every creative’s dream! You can’t go wrong with a beautiful and bright label. These will stand out on any fabric and on any design. Or use it on white fabric for a perfect blend.

It is made from high-quality cardboard. You don’t have to worry about it tearing and bending too easily. The cardboard is lightweight and compact. It will be like carrying around a weightless tag. 

These tags can easily be attached. You can either glue them to other paper-like surfaces. Or get one of our gorgeous string locks or globe pins to attach them neatly onto any fabric. You can have your label attached in seconds! 

The pack of 25 means you can create consistent labels without the worry of them running out! They are easily transportable. Just store them in a neat container or bag. And take them wherever you go! 

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Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 cm