Blue Multi Color Fabric Label Love 5 Pack


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Check out these Blue Multi Color Fabric Label Love 5 Pack. These labels are handcrafted by Fabric8 just for you! Whether you are knitting, sewing, embroidering, crocheting, or quilting. These fabric labels will blend in on any material and make every product stand out beautifully! 

Designers can delight in the elegant and vibrant colours, icons, and fonts on these labels. Made with blue fabric, these labels are to die for! They have a gorgeous decorative black frame. They also have the words “handmade with love” creatively sewn into them. Who can resist these?

If you are looking for an affordable and beautiful way to personalise your crafts, then you should grab some labels! Fabric8 stocks over 100s of fabric labels. Each with unique designs, animations, special fonts, and bright colours. You can grab this pack of 5 or search our websites for hundreds more! 

The Blue Multi Color Fabric Label Love 5 Pack are of the most beautiful labels on the market today! The nice thing about them is the detailed frame they have. You can use this as a decorative feature. Or as a guide to use when attaching them to your craft. 

Fabric labels are the best type of labels. They are made from very soft fabric. This helps you stay away from those hard labels that cause itching and skin irritations. They are also very smooth. No rough edging. 

These labels are lightweight and compact. This means you can easily store them without a hassle. They are also easily transportable. Just grab one of our storage organisations on our site and neatly store these beauties! Let your label collection grow with Fabric8!

These labels are perfect for aspiring shop owners or small business owners to create a brand identity using personalised labels. It is also a great idea for making someone a gift or when you purchase a gift and would like to add your own personal touch to the wrapping!

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