Bamboo Knitting Needle 5.5 mm


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Fabric8 stocks the largest range of bamboo knitting needles. You can get the following sizes from our shop: 10.00mm, 9.0mm, 8.00mm, 7.00mm, 6.0mm, 5.0mm,  5.5mm, 4.5mm, 4.0mm, and 3.5mm. Knitters can delight in our one-stop-shop selection! 

These bamboo knitting needles are straight and durable. They have sharp points that can pierce any wool. The top end is made of a hard structure. This reduces slippage and unknotting. Bamboo needles are a must-have and extremely convenient to use!

If you are a knitter, you must grab these needles! Perfect for both beginners and professionals.The bamboo material makes these the ideal needles for anyone on any skill level. 

These needles are lightweight and compact. Now you can knit for hours with needles that practically feel weightless. The compact structure makes them easily transportable. Perfect for the knitter on the go. They can easily fit into any knitting kit. 

The body is made of a strong structure. You do not have to worry about them snapping or breaking easily. They also have a very good grip. This reduces the chances of work fatigue and wrist strain. It has a smooth body with no rough edges. 

Bamboo is environmentally-friendly. They are made exclusively for our customers! They are not chemically treated. An absolute delight to work with! These needles are perfect for any knitting project. 

This single-pointed structure is a knitter’s dream come true! This design ensures the wool does not slip. You will not have to rework as much as you would with non-bamboo needles. They are multi-functional and can make any project come to life!

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