B/W Knitting Wool Ball Fabric Label (10 Pack)


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Fabric tags are a must-have if you are making crafts or designing your own brand.  These tags are in the form of rectangular signs. They have fairly strong structures for you to securely attach them to any project. The gorgeous icon of knitting wool stands out on any design.

They have the words “Handmade with love” neatly printed on them in black. They are made of hard paper and are very secure. This set comes in 10. Now you have a range of beautiful tags just for your craft. 

Fabric tags are essential to make any craft stand out. Whether you are sewing, embroidering, quilting, knitting, or crocheting. You need a collection of tags to add a personalized touch to all your projects. The B/W Knitting Wool Ball Fabric Label (10 Pack) is every knitter’s delight.

These fabric tags add uniqueness to any project. You can attach them to gifts, boxes, fabric, or hardware. They are made of sturdy paper. Count on them to last long. They are ideal for kids learning how to sew and craft. Or for adults looking for an affordable way to label their products.

This set is made of standard-sized tags. They can easily be stored in a sewing kit. Carry them around with ease and take your crafting on the go. They are lightweight. You will barely feel them on any clothing item.

You can attach them with ease. You can attach them to a zipper, or glue them on. Or use a ribbon to beautifully tie them onto anything. Entrepreneurs can make their brand stand out with these beautiful supplies.

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