7mm Staedtler Clutch Pencil (Round)


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Presenting the 7mm Staedtler Clutch Pencil (Round). If you are a designer, you want Staedtler on your side! They produce the most high-quality stationery supplies.

This product contains a refillable Staedtler clutch pencil. As well as refill lead. Now you will be covered for a while! Create fine and precise lines with this pencil set.

Staedtler sells only the best. Like this Round Clutch Pencil. Its lead is 7mm. This is the perfect thickness to create precise and accurate markings. Grab yourself this set ASAP.

All designers need a high-quality pencil. Whether you are sewing, making patterns, drawing, or designing. These lead markings are easily erasable. 

This Staedtler graphite comes with an elegant design. The clutch pencil has a soft metallic and black shine. It is easy to grip. This pencil is lightweight and compact.

Before marking on fabric, test on a small scrap fabric sample. Ensure that you keep the sharp lead away from children. You can purchase more lead refills right here at Fabric8.

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Dimensions 23 × 7 × 1.5 cm


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